Installation Troubleshooting

In very rare cases, Deleaker installer doesn't force Visual Studio to reload extensions. In such case, Deleaker is not loaded by Visual Studio, and you can't see the Deleaker menu item in the main menu of Visual Studio.

Visual Studio 2017

For Visual Studio 2017 run Deleaker.vsix from the Deleaker installation directory (usually it's %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Deleaker\Deleaker.vsix or %ProgramFiles%\Deleaker\Deleaker.vsix).

If you still can't find Deleaker, please contact support.

Visual Studio 2005 - 2015

To resolve this for earlier versions you have to manually reload extensions. This can be done via the command line interface.

Close all Visual Studio instances.

Run cmd.exe as Administrator:

Then type the following command and press Enter. Select the correct command for your version of Visual Studio from the list below.

For Visual Studio 2015 type:

"%VS140COMNTOOLS%..\IDE\devenv.exe" /setup

For Visual Studio 2013 type:

"%VS120COMNTOOLS%..\IDE\devenv.exe" /setup

For Visual Studio 2012 type:

"%VS110COMNTOOLS%..\IDE\devenv.exe" /setup

For Visual Studio 2010 type:

"%VS100COMNTOOLS%..\IDE\devenv.exe" /setup

For Visual Studio 2008 type:

"%VS90COMNTOOLS%..\IDE\devenv.exe" /setup

For Visual Studio 2005 type:

"%VS80COMNTOOLS%..\IDE\devenv.exe" /setup

Running the command may take a while. Please be patient.

Now Visual Studio should refresh the installed extensions. Let's check whether Deleaker has been added to Visual Studio.

Start Visual Studio and check whether the Deleaker menu has been added to the main menu of Visual Studio.

If you can't find Deleaker, please contact support.