The Modules tab contains information about modules loaded by the process:

There are columns that show different information about each allocation:

Column Name Description
Name Module name.
Path Full module path.
Symbol Status Possible values:
  • Symbols not loaded - no symbols available.
  • Symbols not required - no symbols required because no allocation has a stack trace that refers to the module.
  • Symbols loaded (exports) - symbols information is based on the export section of the module.
  • Symbols loaded - symbols loaded for this module.
Symbol Name Path to the file with symbol information, e.g. a PDB file.

Context Menu

Right-click on a module to view its context menu.

Menu Item Description
Symbol Load Information for 'module'... Opens a window with symbol information for the module.
Symbol Settings... Opens symbol settings.
Hide Leaks From 'module' Shows / hides allocations from the list that were made from the module.
Copy Copies information about selected modules to Clipboard.
Copy All Copies information about all modules to Clipboard.