Deleaker 2018.27: new command line tool, bug fixes

The new Deleaker 2018.27 is available with new command line tool and several bug fixes.

The new command line tool makes Deleaker a part of a test suite.

Our customers used to ask if we were going to add support of running Deleaker from the command line? Such a feature is quite useful when it’s necessary to run Deleaker with an automated testing suite. It will require Deleaker to be launched from the command line.

That is why DeleakerConsole.exe, a command line tool that runs a process under Deleaker and produces leaks reports, has been created.

You can find the tool comprehensive documentation here.

Please write us if you find some features missed.

Case sensitivity.

Deleaker uses the Debug Help Library to retrieve names of source files. Sometimes these names are returned by the library in lower case.

Is it a problem? Sometimes.

For example, it causes a weird problem if you use SVN. It is a case sensitive tool: SVN can store two files with names that differ in case only.

Imagine, Deleaker shows source file name in incorrect case (the Debug Help Library has given this name!), then one opens the file from Deleaker in Visual Studio, edits it and finally saves. The case of the file name has changed. In fact the file has got a new name from SVN’s point of view.

Now Deleaker cares about the file name case and opens it using the correct name.

As usual updated version available on the download page.