Deleaker supports the RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney

We are excited to announce to you that now the Deleaker supports the RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney.

You can get Deleaker for Delphi / C++ Builder right now at the download page.

RAD Studio remains popular IDE for Windows among C++ and Delphi developers. The new release has a lot of performance enhancements.

The Deleaker continues to support RAD Studio along with other popular IDEs on Windows: Visual Studio and Qt Creator.

Adding the Deleaker to the IDE increases productivity by locating and fixing leaks and optimizing memory usage really efficiently.

The Deleaker promptly catches memory leaks, as well as GDI, handles, and USER32 ones. Also, Delphi and C++ Builder developers can explore what objects are live and remained unfreed.

With the help of comparison snapshots feature developers are able to fix permanent memory leakage in a minute.

The Deleaker has a standalone tool that can be integrated with a CI process.

Watch the video to see the way the Deleaker integrates with the new RAD Studio 10.4:

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